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Multi-function Pipes Cutting Machine Delivered on Schedule

Recently, one Multi-function pipes cutting machine customized for a domestic customer is loaded to deliver to customer factory after satisfying cutting test.

This all pipes cutting machine can cut round, square pipes of carbon steel,stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metals, therefore it’s widely used in steel construction, shipbuilding, marine engineering, the elevator industry, building walls, bridges, towers and mechanical engineering industries.

On August 27, the customer visited our company to inspect the equipment. Our design and development and equipment processing and manufacturing capabilities have been highly appreciated and recognized. After watching the cutting demonstation, customer was highly satisfied with the cutting process and cutting effect and signed the purchase contract.

On September 3, we finished themanufacturing of the equipment according to the contract and deliverd it onschedule. After-sales engineers also went to customer factory with the equipment and began the installation and training.

As the overall solution provider of pipe profiles, Yomi always adheres to the best quality and wins the recognition of customers with advanced technology and excellent quality.

Now Yomi is committed to creating a one-stop supply chain, to provide welding and cutting users with high quality and high efficiency production line. Supplying customers quality products and services will always be our No.1 Goal.


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