H Beam Drilling Milling Machine

  • H Beam CNC Drilling Machine
H Beam CNC Drilling Machine

H Beam CNC Drilling Machine

  • Product description: drilling machine, H Beam CNC Drilling Machine

H Beam CNC Drilling Machine

H beam CNC drilling machine module group includes (workstation, roller frame, feeding trolley and trolley track, finished workpiece receiving table) conveyed H beam to the workstation through each transfer roller, and three sets of power drills respectively drill holes on H beam three sides , realizing cold processing for the hole group of steel connecting plate.

Machine length dimension: The total length of whole cutting unit is 28000mm, and the length of drilling station is 2000mm, the feeding conveyor roller is 14000mm, and CNC 3D h beam drilling machine guarants the largest cut raw material 12000mm.

Technical Parameter



H Beam

Flange plate 100mm-600mm   Web Plate 200-1250mm

Maximum thickness of workpiece


Maximum drilling diameter


Spindle motor power


Spindle speed (stepless speed regulation)


Effective feed length


Maximum feed speed



Adjacent hole distance (<640mm) error within ±0.5mm

Adjacent hole group hole distance (>640mm) error ±1.0mm/10000

Control 10 axes

X axis: web middle side positioning axis

Y axis: web middle side spindle rotation axis

Z axis: web middle side feed axis

U-axis: Flange fixed-side positioning axis

V-axis: Flange fixed-side spindle rotation axis

A-axis: Flange fixed side feed axis

B axis: Flange moving side positioning axis

C axis: Flange moving side spindle rotating shaft

W axis: Flange moving side feed axis

S-axis: external pipe axial horizontal feed axis

Positioning CNC axis moving speed


Feed CNC axis moving speed

109000 mm/min

Maximum weight



H beam CNC drilling machine Drilling Main Station

H beam CNC drilling machine is mainly composed of flange fixing mechanism and moving side pressure mechanism, workstation frame type device, three sets of power mechanism, etc. The structural foundation of the chassis cement is pre-buried to ensure high-speed operation.

H beam CNC drilling machine Roller Frame

H beam CNC drilling machine mainly consists five sets of roller frames, unpowered rollers and side positioning wheels. When the raw material is placed in the roller frame, the workpiece is sent to the side reference, then workpiece feeding accuracy is guaranteed.

CNC 3D h beam drilling machine Feedin Trolley and Trolley track

Servo motor is used to control the feeding trolley to complete H beam positioning and clamping device. Different files are driven by AC motor to lift the clamping device to the file positioning point for pneumatic clamping.

CNC 3D h beam drilling machine Finished Workpiece Receiving Station

Roller frame and power roller includes AC motor conveying device. The workpiece extends from cutting unit and placed on the power roller. The power roller is driven by motor to rotate workpiece, and the workpiece is pushed out of material table, and then finished material are processed by four sets of trolleys and directly output and stored.

Basic Configuration and Function of Control system

Support TEKLA 3D software DSTV file, directly output processing program.

Control system function: The system has humanized interactive interface and H beam CNC drilling machine is easy to operate;


1. H beam CNC drilling machine: Set drilling, lettering, marking, locking, milling and other processing technologies in one.

2. H beam CNC drilling machine has 10 control axes, all of which are guided by precision linear rolling guides and driven by servo motors and ball screws to ensure its positioning accuracy.

3. H beam CNC drilling machine drilling unit uses a high-speed precision spindle, which has high turning accuracy and good rigidity; H beam CNC drilling machine not only has the drilling function, but also has drilling, chamfering, and tapping functions.

4.Automatic tool change function, equipped with linear tool magazine, greatly improve processing efficiency; equipped with chip removal device, chip removal must be performed in order not to affect the subsequent processing steps after drilling.

5. Equipped with workpiece width detection and web height detection devices, which can effectively compensate the deformation of the workpiece and ensure the processing accuracy.

6. H beam CNC drilling machine provide remote station, improve cutting efficiency and save labor.

7. The H beam CNC drilling machine control system is composed of Advantech industrial control integrated machine, American PMAC motion control card and Case Tridonic control cabinet. Case Si independently developed system software, which can enjoy free lifetime upgrade.

8. H beam CNC drilling machine support TEKLA three-dimensional software DSTV file, directly export the processing program, and can realize nesting and improve material utilization.

Cutting Sample


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