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KITE EXPO-Industrial Technology Exhibition Begins Today​

Today the industrial Technology Exhibition begins.

This exhibition lasts for three days. Yomi South African team brought the welding machines, portable plasma cutting machines, air compressors, electric drills and other power tools to the show. Our booth number is Hall 5 - Stand G19, welcome to inquire.

YOMI is the first industrial and trade integration group company engaged in cross-border supply chain management and automation equipment manufacturing in China's welding and cutting industry. The company is headquartered in Jinan,China, and has product experience centers and manufacturing bases in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Dezhou, Shenyang and Nantong.We build a complete cross-border supply chain ecosystem for customers at home and abroad, and build a number of manufacturing companies across the international and cross-industry, relying on the professional technical service team of the company to carry out systematic cross-border supply chain management for customers at home and abroad. Professional services such as procurement, logistics, warehousing management technical support and supply chain finance provide specialized services.


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