360° Pipe and Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Technical Proposal

360° Pipe and Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Mechanical Structure

1. Introduction

Model: YM-XQ6

Name: 360° Pipe and Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Usage: 360° Pipe and Profile CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, cutting module group includes: the feeding and conveying cutting roller bed, the clamping device and the moving body, the cutting head rotating assembly, the workpiece sending mechanism, the operating table control station, etc.

It is transported to the cutting station for cutting through each transfer roller table, and the cut steel workpieces are transported to the next station.

Applicable workpiece materials: carbon structural steel, stainless steel.

Cutting method: plasma cutting

Types and sizes of cut pipes:

H-beam: 100-600mm

Angle steel/Channel steel: 100-400mm

Round pipe:60-600mm

Square tube: 100-400mm

Length: 12 meters

Cutting form of parts: fixed length straight cut (no bevel), fixed length oblique cut (no bevel)

2. Description

The total length of the entire cutting unit is 15000mm, of which the length of the cutting station is 1000mm, and the conveying roller table in the feeding positioning and feeding area is 14000mm, which ensures that the maximum cut material 12000mm is accepted and the effective range of trolley positioning and feeding.

3.1 This production line cutting unit consists of a feeding and conveying cutting roller bed, a material feeding moving body, a cutting head rotating assembly, a workpiece output mechanism, a control system and software.

3.2 Feeding and Cutting Roller

The feeding and cutting roller bed receives raw materials, and cooperates with the clamping device and the mobile trolley to grab the materials to complete each positioning and cutting work.


Raw material clamping device

3.3 Cutting head rotating assembly

The plasma cutting head can effectively move 160mm in the radial direction of the pipe, which can meet the cutting requirements of all materials. Two sets of cylinders are used to position the steel workpiece to ensure the center of the steel workpiece, thereby improving the cutting accuracy of the workpiece.

3.4 Material feed moving body

The mounting surface of the feeding and cutting roller frame is processed by a gantry milling machine, and a precision linear guide is installed as the transmission part of the workpiece grabbing, feeding, positioning, and moving trolley. The driving part adopts Japan's Panasonic 1KW servo control to achieve accurate transportation.

3.5 Industrial Control System

The structure mode adopted by the control system: industrial control all-in-one machine + motion control card. The industrial computer is mainly used to establish a user interface and process and calculate the workpiece, send the generated result data to the motion control card, and turn it into an execution command to drive the movement of the control axis, and process a series of cutting process instructions at the same time, so as to implement cutting of workpieces.

The programming software is the main core of the control system. This case uses the Yomi nesting programming system as the main programming tool. The software uses AUTOCAD as the basic programming platform, with simple operation, intuitive graphics and rich functions, which can greatly improve the work efficiency.

3.6 Controlled axes

This cutting machine adopts 6-axis control mode.




Motor power


X axis

The axis along which the torch moves along the workpiece



Y axis

The axis that the torch rotates around the workpiece



Z axis

The axis that the torch moves up and down



U axis

The axis that the torch moves left and right along the workpiece



W axis

The center of the disc automatically locates the left and right axes



A axis

The center of the disc automatically locates the lifting axis


3.7 Intersection software (KASRY AutoPipe)

The software is mainly divided into two major modules: the basic library and the tube quilting frame module.

After summarizing various commonly used intersecting line types, the basic gallery is summarized into twelve basic intersecting line types, which are listed in the form of a gallery. Each standard diagram is divided into different conditions and usage states. Various forms are optional. When operating, you only need to select a standard graphic, and enter data in the corresponding parameter table according to the prompts, the solid 3D graphic will appear on the screen, and the cutting control can be started, and cutting can be performed.

The basic library based on the CAD environment makes the operation of the cutting machine very intuitive and simple, and because the functions of the basic library cover most of the application needs, the requirements for the operator of the machine are correspondingly reduced.

The tube quilting frame module is a high-end application of intersecting wire cutting. The software can automatically process the CAD three-dimensional pipe quilting frame graphics, separate each pipeline in the pipe quilting frame, classify them into labels, label names and various attributes, and automatically calculate the intersecting line data of the pipe ends of the quilting frame. , generate a tube quilting frame information database, make the production of the entire intersecting line enter the information management level, and provide basic information for the production management system of the enterprise.

To organize the production of intersecting lines, the software operates the generated database, calls out the relevant pipe fittings, and automatically nests the provided raw material pipes to generate a cutting program based on the raw material pipes, which can implement pipe fittings. intersecting line cutting.

3. Technical parameters(技术参数)





Overall length of cutting unit



Feeding conveyor roller



Effective cutting workpiece length

12000 mm


Cutting workpiece thickness



Moving speed

6000 mm/min


Workpiece maximum weight

8 T


Cutting torque up and down movement speed

600 mm/min


control axis

6 axis


Control System

Advantech IPC + control card (PMAC) and 360°control software


system software

Yomi AutoPipe

4. Basic configuration and functions of the control system:

5.1 Control system hardware:

IPC: Advantech IPC

Touch operation screen: 7-inch color display touch screen (industrial grade)

Motion control card: American PMAC

Electrical control cabinet: KASRY

5.2 Control system software:

Operating system: Chinese WindowsXP window system

Intersecting line programming software: KASRY AutoPipe

Motion control software: KASRY-360 CUTTING

HMI Software : FACE

5.3 Control system function: The system has a user-friendly interactive interface and is easy to operate;

Intuitive 3D intersecting line imaging;

Dynamic cutting simulation;

Fast automatic positioning, pause, acceleration and deceleration control;

It has the function of returning to the original track and then re-cutting

Automatic alarm display and automatic diagnosis function

Online and offline programming;

Exchange information externally through U disk;

Multi-pipe intersection is cut and formed at one time;

The equipment can automatically feed and reel.

The flexible cutting torch realizes the cutting of a large number of complex shapes through the combined movement of a 3-axis manipulator and a gripper on a CNC-controlled turntable.

The rotation of the turntable itself is mounted on the CNC-controlled movable frame along the X and Z directions, so as to align the center point of the material and use the macro library graphics to cut.

The biggest feature of the production line application software is the openness of the programming software provided to the user and the wide compatibility of the user's design software.At the same time, the real-time three-dimensional dynamic, monitoring and fault diagnosis of the running state are provided to the user to ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of the cutting line.

5. Customer site condition requirements




Power supply capacity: not less than 15 KVA


Power Requirements:

(1) 3×380v±10%/50Hz, 220v±10%/50Hz

(2) Three-phase voltage stability is less than ±5%

Three-phase power unbalance is less than 2.5%

(3) It is recommended to use a regulated power supply if the above power supply requirements cannot be met.

Note: The power supply voltage is not allowed to have a sudden jump and a sudden power failure, otherwise it will easily cause damage to the equipment, the numerical control system and the plasma power supply; it must be well grounded (grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms).


Plasma power supply working gas and cutting auxiliary gas:

Working gas: air, oxygen


Cut pipe: smooth, flat, rolled evenly, ellipse deviation does not exceed 5mm diameter, meet ISO standard.


CNC cutting machine installation site and use environment requirements:

(1) Temperature requirements: -10-50℃

(2) Humidity requirements: <90% non-condensing

(3) The site should fully meet the needs of equipment placement. It is recommended to isolate the plasma power supply to avoid the interference of the plasma power supply to the system.


Equipment operators should have experience in operating computers and general CNC machine tools; the equipment should be equipped with a programming computer.

6. After-sales service

(1) After the check and accept by clients, the warranty period is 1 year.

(2) During  1 year warranty period, Yomi provides free repair service in case of failure due to defective part/ component, and replace defective part/component free of charge. Transportation costs are borne by clients ,such as express fees.

(3) During the 1 year warranty period, when we get maintenance call ,we will reply within 8 hours,and set up a 1:1 chat group on WhatsAPP or QQ to follow-up,through video and Computer remote control etc,guide the customer to remove the fault or replace the accessories.

if clients need on-site repair,Yomi will arrange the overseas engineer ( usually 1 person ,can speak English) immediately,the cost of air tickets (round trip), food, accommodation, local transportation, translation, internet, communication and visa charges for our engineers at buyer’s site shall be borne by customer at actual against documentary evidence.

Travel allowance @ USD 100/per person per day for eight (8) hours for travel from China to customer’s local project site and return shall be considered extra at actual.

(4) After the warranty period,the replacement parts will be charged at the cost price.Transportation costs are borne by clients ,such as express fees/air costs.

(5) Controller system and sofware will lifetime upgrade free .

(6) Except for human damage for machine, Yomi supply life-long maintenance service.

8.Packing And Marking

The supplier shall have the goods suitably packed and shall take measures to protect the goods from moisture, rain, rust, corrosion, shock, & any other hazard’s in export sea standard worthy palletized packing.

The supplier shall mark the following on the four adjacent sides of each package of the goods with indelible paint in conspicuous printed words in the English language.

Contract Number/Destination/Name Of Equipment And Item Number/Case No./Bale No./ G.W / N.W(KG)

The following documents shall be enclosed in each package of the goods:

Detailed packing list in 2 copies; Quality certificate in 2 copies;

Technical documents for relevant equipment in one copy.

Should the goods be damaged or lost due to supplier’s improper packing and / or inadequate protective measures before shipping, the supplier shall be responsible for the repair, replacement of compensation.


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