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The Basics of Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting machine

1. Definition of plasma cutting;

Plasma cutting, also known as electric cutting, converts ordinary industrial electricity into a high-temperature (8000-12000 ℃, can decompose all molecular materials) plasma arc through a plasma power supply (also known as a plasma cutting machine), and uses the energy of the plasma arc to burn the steel plate, and A cutting method in which the residue is carried away by means of a plasma jet to form a kerf.
2. Definition of plasma power supply and the relationship between plasma power supply and CNC cutting machine;
The plasma power supply is a device that converts ordinary electricity into high-temperature plasma arc cutting metal plates; the CNC cutting machine controls the cutting route, cutting speed, arcing, stopping, etc. of the plasma torch; the plasma power supply is responsible for providing cutting energy.
3. The matching relationship between the plasma power supply and the air compressor;
Plasma arcs require high pressure gas from an air compressor to control the downward cutting direction; (blow down)
4. The relationship between the current of the plasma power supply and the cutting thickness;
The parameter of the plasma power supply to measure the cutting ability is the magnitude of the output current (current unit ampere A)
The greater the output current, the greater the cutting thickness.
Quality cutting: the thickness with the best cutting effect;
Perforation cutting: the thickness that can cut the cut sheet from the middle;
Max Cut: The maximum cut thickness to cut from the edge.
5. Classification of plasma power supply (from two aspects of brand and type)
Mainly divided into domestic plasma power supply and imported plasma power supply
Domestic: Case Rui, Rui Ling, Hua Yuan, etc.
Import: American Hypertherm, American Feimat, German Kelbe, American Kaibo, etc.
The plasma power sources that KASRY often match are: KASRY KASRY, American Hypertherm, American Feimat, Germany Kelbe
Type: Ordinary Plasma (General)

Fine Plasma (good)

Plasma Cutting machine

Laser-like plasma (good, close to the lower limit of laser cutting)
6. Definition and benefits of underwater plasma cutting.
Plasma cutting is performed by placing the cut sheet in water;
Since plasma cutting will generate a large amount of dust that is harmful to the human body, underwater plasma cutting can effectively filter out these dusts;
Since plasma cutting will produce dazzling light, it will cause great damage to the operator's eyes. Underwater plasma cutting can effectively avoid this situation;
Reduce thermal deformation.


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