H Beam Forming Machine

  • H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine
H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine

H Beam Assembling-welding-straightening Machine

  • Product description: welding equipment, H beam production line, H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

welding equipment, H beam production line, H beam assembling-welding-straightening machine

H Beam assembling welding straightening machine is a special equipment for directly assembling, welding and straightening the flange plate and web plate of H beam.

The assembling welding straightening machine concentrates the process completed by three equipment, i.e. assembly machine, gantry welding and straightening machine, on one equipment, which significantly improves the production efficiency, reduces the cost of equipment and saves the installation space. It is an efficient production equipment for H-beam and T-beam.

Equipment appearance (length x width x height): 30m * 6.5m * 4m

The equipment is composed of front-end pre-positioning, assembling welding machine, straightening auxiliary machine, discharge area ect.

Technical Parameter



Suitable for H Beam

Flange width


Flange thickness


Web height                                                                                                                     


Web thickness


H beam length


Welding Form

Double Wire Fillet Welding

Welding speed

100-1200mm (adjustable)


1.Front end pre-positioning device

2. Host part:

a. Assembly part: the main drive roller power components, upper frame pressing device, the web clamping device, the flange clamping device, the hydraulic alignment device and so on.

b. Welding part: Double wire welding torch up and down, left and right adjustment mechanism, welding gun tilt tracking mechanism, welding gun clamping mechanism, automatic flux recovery and conveying integrated machine, double wire double arc submerged arc welding machine, etc.

c. Flange straightening part: straightening auxiliary drive supporting wheel mechanism, left and right flange plate clamping mechanism

3.Output roller

4. CNC electrical control section

5.Hydraulic system and other components


1. It only needs 2 operators to operate on the same station, and complete the H beam assembling, welding, straightening, holding and discharging in the production process, which can save a lot of time and improve production efficiency. To increase the output per square unit.

2. Compact structure, small footprint, save space.

3. Automatic centering and positioning makes assembling accuracy and assembling efficiency significantly improved.

4. It has the function of improving the correction accuracy and reducing the correction force, so that the web will not deform after welding. Symmetrical welding, small deformation.

5. The centralized lubrication system is adopted to ensure that the widely distributed lubrication points are lubricated in time to achieve the purpose of good lubrication, reducing wear and extending the service life of the equipment.

6. The welding seam is beautiful and well formed.

7. Bus control, adjustable parameters, production data sharing.


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