Pipe Welding Machine

  • Pipe Flange Welding Machine
Pipe Flange Welding Machine

Pipe Flange Welding Machine

  • Product description: welding equipment, Pipe Flange Welding Machine

Pipe Flange Welding Machine

welding equipment, Pipe Flange Welding Machine

This equipment is used for automatic welding of both ends of pipe flange. Driving stability is the key to ensure the realization of welding process. In the process of rotation, there must be downward pressure to ensure the friction between driving wheel and workpiece and ensure the rotational stability. Therefore, the flange must be processed to ensure roundness.

One end of the welding machine is fixed, and the other end moves on the track to meet the workpiece of 4m to 8m. The attitude of the welding torch can be adjusted to meet the welding of the inner and outer seams respectively, and the change of pipe diameter can be taken into account. One master-slave adjustable driving device, adjustable wheel spacing, two sets of adjustable distance, to ensure that the length and diameter of the pipe to meet the change.

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