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  • Welding Machine For Circular Seam
Welding Machine For Circular Seam

Welding Machine For Circular Seam

  • Product description: welding equipment, Welding machine for circular seam

Welding Machine For Circular Seam

welding equipment, Welding machine for circular seam

Circular Seam Welding Machine is mainly used for the circumferential seam welding of steel pipe flange, hydraulic cylinder, pipe flange, axle spindle nose and construction tube plate etc.




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1. Bed structure: welding assemblies guarantee rotating diameter of workpiece and strength of the bed. The bed is under heat treatment. Welding gun is fixed relatively, while the workpiece is rotating and has a horizontal welding position. The workpiece is clamped with three jaw chuck and supported by up-down mechanism in the middle.

2. Welding system: driven by motor  (Automatic/Manual), lifting height of every cycle is adjustable, welding angle is adjustable. Welding gun can be adjusted and move in the direction of left-right.

3. Oscillation system: in order to work on multi-layer welding and fill welding bead, welding gun has the function of swing
and lift to realize the automatic lifting and swinging when in welding process. Swing speed: 0-100 per min. Swing range:

4. Anti-radiation light device: equipped with sliding door, close it manually when welding.

5. Welding process: Parameters can be set hierarchically (including rotating angle), continuous welding. Welding cycles can be set to 1-10 r. High voltage, low speed wire feeding and arc strike function to guarantee reliable arc striking. Low voltage, low current arc stopping.

6. Use Panasonic or Omron PLC to control and coordinate whole machine’s running, rotating speed of workpiece; swing frequency, amplitude and time of welding gun; automatic-lift time, height and number can all be controlled by PLC. Welding gun’s swing and simultaneous lift are using stepping motor control system. Welding length is using close cycle detection while welding position is using imported contactless switch to detect.

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