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  • Portable Sheet Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Portable Sheet Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Portable Sheet Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Product description: plasma cutter, metal plasma cutter, cnc cutting machine, portable plasma cutter

Portable Sheet Metal CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Brief Introduction

Plasma cutter, metal plasma cutter, cnc cutting machine, portable plasma cutter

Portable CNC plasma cutting machine. Available for cutting any complex plane graphics, support for flame and plasma cutting; A substitute for manual torch, semi-automatic cutting machine and profiling cutting machine as an upgraded product; especially suitable for high-precision required complex graphics mass production, can greatly improve cutting efficiency, reduce secondary processing, and decrease the production cost.


Input power

220V 50Hz 220W


5.7inch blue-mask

Effective cutting range

1500X3000mm(Longitudinal range can be extended, less than 6  meters)

Cutting speed


Cutting thickness(oxygen)


Perforation thickness(oxygen)


Cutting thickness(plasma)

According to the plasma power

Perforation thickness(plasma)

According to th plasma power

Machine tool working voltage


Machine weight


Cutting software


Arc pressure regulator



Like the large Gantry CNC cutting machine, this machine can also cut any complex graphics. It applies to carbon steel (flame cutting), stainless steel, copper, aluminum (plasma cutting) and other metal cutting. The bottom plate is a double guide rail, which is as convenient and flexible as semi-automatic cutting trolley. It can be moved at will, and it doesn't occupy the fixed site. Can be widely used in automobiles, shipbuilding, petrochemical, boilers, pressure vessels, construction machinery, light industry and other industries. Especially suitable for single piece and mass production of special-shaped surfaces.


1. Small in size, interference resistant. The device uses the Sino-US joint venture specializing in industrial machine control, to be compact and reasonable structure design it has a light weight, small size, easy to move, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor, especially small and medium enterprises, improve production material utilization efficiency and reduce production costs

2. Simple Programming Nesting:

Either the manual programming of simple graphics, but also can be arbitrarily complex graphics automatic nesting program was presented by the programming software. The software uses an interactive dialogue, the graphics data is automatically converted, without manual coding, the Auto CAD drawing parts diagram direct deposit, withdraw DXF files, making emissions, select the appropriate program parameters directly after cutting required to generate G-code file

3. Simple operation:

When the same operation can be like a semi-automatic car manual cutting, but also the same as the large CNC automatic cutting (you can jog lift).

Machine Details

Cutting Samples

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